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Scheduled Maintenance

Just like you get oil changes to help prevent problems with your vehicle, we sometimes do preventative maintenance to ensure our system stays healthy and your service with us is at its best.

Sometimes this maintenance can temporarily impact your service, and if that’s the case you’ll find a detailed alert below.

Friday, April 20th 2018 - Scheduled Maintenance on Lindsay Wireless Tower

On Friday, April 20th we will be undertaking equipment maintenance on our Lindsay wireless tower. Wireless customers living in communities south of Lindsay will experience intermittent service during this time. This includes but is not limited to Seagrave, Little Britain, Janetville, Port Perry, and Valencia. Following return of service, you may need to power cycle your modem and wireless router in order to get back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and will work hard to ensure the disruption is as brief as possible.


There is no one more stressed during an outage than our Team. Rest assured, that our top priority is to find the root of the problem and fix things as quickly as possible.

When you’re happy, we’re happy. And an outage never generates happiness. We’re on it!

Thursday, April 19th, 2018 - Wireless subscribers southwest of the Lindsay tower are currently experiencing intermittent service due to a faulty panel. The panel will be replaced as soon as possible. Please call in to our outage board for updated information as the day progresses - 866-887-6434 and press 1.