Rogers Ignite Priority List.

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Rogers Ignite Priority List

Our Rogers Ignite Priority List is now closed! If you have questions, please email us at or call us at 705-887-6433 (option 3). 

Ignite Internet

  • Fibre-Powered Internet¬†that delivers our most reliable and fastest internet connection.
  • Our most reliable WiFi experience with the most powerful WiFi technology for superior home WiFi coverage and speed. Backed by our Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • The most advanced WiFi security for worry-free protection of all connected devices.
  • Swap TV channels regularly with Flex Channels
  • Built in apps like Netflix, YouTube and Sports
  • A huge HD On Demand library
  • Wireless set top boxes for HD and 4K
  • Whole Home PVR
  • Voice Activated Remote