Welcome to Cable Cable!

Thanks for subscribing to our services. We want your internet, television and home phone services with us to be the best you have ever experienced, and we hope this information will help in doing so!

My Account

Register and log in to My Account and manage your account and services anywhere, anytime! Pay your balance, view your bill, and more, from where it’s most convenient for you! Also, use it to log in to our available GO apps.

Click ‘login’ in the top right corner, select ‘my account’ from the dropdown and click the login button to register. Or, simply call us and we will register for you!

Billing and Payments

We accept VISA, Mastercard, online bill payments through your banking institution (use the last 6 digits of your account number) and cheques. Unfortunately we do NOT accept VISA Debit or American Express.

You can save time and money, while ensuring your account remains in good standing by enrolling in our Paperless Billing Program and Pre-Authorized Payment Program. We offer pre-authorized payments through a credit card or bank account, as well as paperless billing sent to your preferred email address! For more information, visit the Billing and Payments page here.

Need help understanding your bill? See this handy document that helps explain what’s what.


Your Cable Cable subscription comes with a complimentary i-zoom email account. To set this up within an email program, use the following credentials:

  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.i-zoom.net
  • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.i-zoom.net
  • Outgoing Mail Ports: 587 (or 465)

Other tips:

    • Visit our Support pages for more specific information on email settings and for other troubleshooting: Support for Home | Support for Business
    • Before calling us, try troubleshooting by power cycling your router. Simply unplug from power for 1 minute (confirm all the lights power down), and plug back in!
    • Want to check your speed? Visit our speed test site here.


  • View channels that are currently in free preview here
  • View upcoming community events and other community content on our Community Channel 10 and Rogers tv North Durham-Kawartha channel 26
  • Find HD programming starting at channel 200 and up
  • Did you know you can customize your programming and add individual channels? See all available Premium Packs, Theme Packs and Custom Pick Channels on our TV page
  • Before calling us, try troubleshooting by power cycling your TV box. Simply unplug your HD box or PVR from power for 1 minute (confirm all the lights power down), and plug back in!

Home Phone

Set your voice mailbox from your home phone:

  1. Dial #98
  2. When prompted, enter the 4-digit default password (1324)
  3. Press 0 to access Mailbox Options. This is where you will be able to change your password and set up a voice recording.
  4. To change the default password, press 5 and follow the prompts