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Are there any changes to my 911 emergency services?

You still have access to emergency services through dialing 911, however there are some changes that you need to be aware of. These are addressed in our home phone End User License Agreement. You’re acceptance of these terms is required before your phone service is installed.

How does my phone service work?

We simply connect your broadband Internet connection to the phone adapter that is provided and then connect your telephone to the phone adapter. When you make calls, your voice is routed through the adapter built into your modem. You can’t tell that you’re talking over the internet, and the person you’re talking to can’t tell, either. The only things you’ll notice are the clarity of the call and all the great features that come with the service. Oh, and the reduced phone bill is hard to miss, too!

How do I make a call?

Pick up the receiver and dial! Except you’ll need to dial the area code for all calls, even local ones. Don’t worry local numbers are not long distance calls.

What features are included in Cable Cable home phone service?

Your Cable Cable phone service comes loaded with features like call waiting, call answer, call forward, call display, and three way calling. More information on these features can be found in our Home Phone User Guide.

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