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Using the Interactive Programming Guide

With all digital boxes you can now search through TV listings in advance, without interrupting your viewing, thanks to the free Interactive Program Guide. To help you find what you’re looking for, you can search the guide by time, theme or title. It also displays a short plot description of each show, so you know ahead of time if your favourite program is a rerun or a new episode. And, you can use the Interactive Program Guide to set reminders for important upcoming shows.

How to use the Interactive Program Guide

  1. Press [GUIDE] on your Cable Cable remote.
  2. Scan through the guide with the [NAVIGATION ARROW] buttons. Your selection will be highlighted.
  3. When you see a program that you are interested in, press [INFO] and a pop-up description will appear, expanding on the information in the top-left of the screen, or press [SELECT] to jump to the selected program/channel.
  4. To exit the guide and return to your current program, press [EXIT].

To access the General Settings menu

  1. Press [SETTINGS] twice. The General Settings menu will appear.
  2. Scroll to the setting you want to modify and press [OK/SELECT].
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions or press [INFO] to get more information on any of the General Settings Menu Features

General Settings Menu Features



Assign Favourite Channels assign an unlimited number of favourite channels for faster access
Assign Skipped Channel assign an unlimited number of skipped channels for faster channel surfing
Check Current Timers and Reminders check to see what timers/reminders are currently set
Set Parental Controls block channels based on programming and/or ratings
Set Your Language Preferences change your language settings
Set Your Audio Preferences change your audio settings
Adjust The Settings For Your Digital Box Display modify the information displayed on the front of your digital box

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