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Star Code Reference Guide

Star codes are helpful tools for turning on and off specific calling and voice functions on your Cable Cable home phone system. Please refer to this code list for instructions.

Call Forwarding

*72(XXX-XXX-XXXX) – Setup number (add 1 if number forwarding to is long distance)
*73 – (Disable) Call Forward
*90 – (Enable) Call Forward – Busy
*91 – (Disable) Call Forward – Busy
*92 – (Enable) Call Forward – No Answer
*93 – (Disable) Call Forward – No Answer

Caller ID Blocking

*81 – (Enable) Permanent Caller ID Block
*82 – (Disable) Permanent Caller ID Block Single call block:
*67(XXX-XXX-XXXX) – Caller ID Block (Example: *679056673909 – Block Caller ID to 905-667-3909 one time)


*40 – Access Voicemail
*98 – Access Voicemail


*94(X) – Set number of rings (Example: *945 – Set number of rings to 5)

Call return

*69 – Call Return

Call Waiting Disable

*57 – (Disable/Enable) Call Waiting – Toggle
*70 – (Temp Disable) Call Waiting

Unknown Number Blocking

*77 – (Enable) Anonymous Call Rejection
*87 – (Disable) Anonymous Call Rejection

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